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We are a group of enthusiasts, we have already switched to electric cars. Dynamic driving, serious cost reduction, clean air - all this is our life now and, of course, I would like to share it with a large number of people, in order to attract them to my ranks.


For the fastest development, we help in the purchase of electric vehicles, we install charging stations so that Montenegro and neighboring countries switch to electric vehicles. is the project for you ...

Work with us


Your company will acquire a "green image" and will be positioned as innovative and technological.

How to choose a charger?

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Find out everything you need to know about charging your car at home.


We will help you choose the right model for installation in your home.


Our charging stations will make your hotel stand out from the rest.


We will calculate the required number and type of chargers for installation in the hotel.


A restaurant parking lot is one of the best places to install a charger. Attract more customers.


We will help you choose the best solution.


Many cities around the world have already created networks of charging stations.


Find out how this network works and which devices are best suited for it.


The increasing development of electric vehicles requires the installation of super fast charging stations. Such stations can be considered a commercial enterprise that brings profit.

Have questions?


Found answers about the use  charging stations

Why choose us?

Best value

Instead of spending 2-3 thousand euros to buy a station, you will invest only 365 euros per year and your facility will be marked on all Euro maps of charging stations.

Individual solutions

We will program our stations for your specific facility. The station will not exceed the allocated capacity, which will protect you from penalties from Elektrodistribucija.

The best service

Delivery and installation at any time that suits you. Considering that these are our stations that are rented to you, we will monitor their stable operation.

Best advice

During the development and installation of our stations, we have gained rich experience. We will share our experience and help you with advice and technical support.


Because we design and manufacture our charging stations — we certainly understand “how it works” and our engineers continue to improve our models.

Technical assistance

Together with you, we will find answers to all technical questions related to installation and, with this in mind, we will determine the details from design to installation. DOO
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Our contacts



Dubrava, ul.80 bb, Bar, 85000 Montenegro
PIB (ID): 03374718



If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our charging stations, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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